Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damaged Crawlspace in Green Brook, NJ

The damage to this crawlspace in a house in Green Brook, NJ happened due to a sink overflow in the kitchen above. In the before picture, production technician E... READ MORE

Sewage Damage at a bank in Bound Brook, NJ

When there is a health concern such as blood, mold, or sewage, as in this case, SERVPRO has the training, procedures, and equipment to take care of anything. A ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Somerset County, NJ

This picture shows the extensive scope of the damage caused by a fire in Somerset County, NJ. Here, Production Technician Emmanuel uses the dry ice blaster to r... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Somerset County, NJ

This extensive damage at a building in Somerset County, NJ was the result of a fire. It may have seemed that the entire house was lost, but the frame was able t... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Somerset County, NJ

Production Crew Chief Alvaro uses dry ice blasting to remove as much soot and smoke damage as possible from a property in Somerset County, NJ, damaged by a fire... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in Skillman, NJ

As seen here at a house in Skillman, NJ, smoke and soot from even a small fire can settle on all the owner’s contents. The condition of the house required that ... READ MORE

Refrigerator at a Fire Damage in Skillman, NJ

Property damage from a disaster can include the entire house, even items not directly affected by the primary means of loss. This is the before and after of cle... READ MORE