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Hillsborough Residents: We Specialize in Storm Damage Cleanup

3/24/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hillsborough Residents: We Specialize in Storm Damage Cleanup Production Technician Wilber extracting water from the carpet.

Snow and ice can cause damage after the storm has passed.

Once snow builds up on a roof, the weight can stress the structure and create openings. Heat can escape through cracks and melt the snow, causing water to leak down into the house. In another situation, the snow remains frozen at the time, but once the weather warms, melting snow will begin to leak. Depending on the size of the opening, the amount of snow present, and the location of the damage, there can be anything from one ceiling spot to water travelling down inside the walls, affecting upper and lower floors. Ceilings, walls, floors, and contents can all be affected, and it is important to stop the source as soon as possible by removing the snow and fixing the roof damage. As soon as the source is stopped, SERVPRO will be on site to remove the water and save as much of the affected structure and contents as possible.

After an early February snowstorm, a church in Hillsborough, NJ, discovered a leak in their classroom ceiling. Their roof had recently been replaced and the contractor had to return to shovel some of the snow off the over-stressed structure. As soon as the source of the leak (the snow) had been removed, their facilities manager called SERVPRO of Northeast Somerset County. Once we were on site our crew got to work assessing what had been affected using our moisture meters.

The affected section of the ceiling had to be removed due to water staining. Part of the walls were too wet to be saved and once removed allowed access to the structure. We extracted the water from and sanitized the carpet. We then put our drying equipment, air movers and dehumidifiers, in place for a few days. When we returned, all the affected area was dry.

With our fast storm response and using our quick and thorough drying process, we were able to save the carpet and most of the structure. Finally, we removed the equipment and cleaned and deodorized the carpet. With that, the church was able to resume use of the room.

During heavy winter storms, property and home owners should be conscious of the weight of snow, particularly on flat or shallow-angle roofs. However, if despite your best efforts you find water where it shouldn’t be, call SERVPRO of Northeast Somerset County! 908-222-2020